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Transforming Spaces, Empowering Businesses
JLS Integrated Pvt Ltd

JLS Integrated Pvt Ltd, established in 2018 by Lokesh K and Sowjanya GK, is a trusted provider of specialized services catering to medium to large corporates. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes expert manpower management and contract labour solutions.


Additionally, we deliver a diverse array of services, such as deep cleaning, pest control, painting, electrical work, flooring, and carpentry. With our expertise and commitment, we aim to transform spaces and empower businesses to thrive.

What Makes Us Special

Extensive Industry Knowledge and Expertise


Comprehensive Approach to Manpower Management


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Workforce Requirements

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Commitment to Compliance and Ethical Practices

Management Team

Lokesh K


Lokesh K, the founder and Managing Director of JLS Integrated Pvt Ltd, is a visionary leader committed to delivering exceptional specialized services. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, Lokesh drives the company's success and ensures superior quality in every aspect of their operations.

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Sowjnya GK


Sowjanya GK, the Finance Head & Director of JLS Integrated Pvt Ltd, brings a wealth of financial expertise to the organization. With a keen financial acumen, she plays a crucial role in managing financial operations and fostering the company's stability and growth. Her skills contribute significantly to the financial success of JLS Integrated Pvt Ltd.

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